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MCISE Research Group

Microwave, Communication &
Information Systems Engineering

This group is established to take on the current and upcoming research and technology in the area of microwave, 
communication and information 

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Current Research

Current Research

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Investigation of MIMO Software Defined Radar as a tool for Landslide Early Warning System (EWS)

The effect of landslides causes infrastructure damage and leads to human casualties in many countries. The need to predict the environmental variables that influence the occurrence of such phenomenon will enable an increased preparedness and resilience to future catastrophic events. The extent of damages could be reduced or minimized if a long-term early warning system predicting the landslide prone areas would have been in place.

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Latest News

MCISE Research Group has organized two programs entitled “Antenna: How it Works?” and “Telecom Engineer at a Glance” from 25-27 September 2022 at Kulliyyah of Engineering, IIUM. The first workshop has been sponsored by IEEE R-10 Reaching Local Initiative while the second workshop is sponsored by IEEE Pre-University STEM Portal Grant Program 2022. The workshop was attended by students from SM Setia Budi, Gombak.

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Latest News

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